Offer two or three different price plans

May 4, 2020

Ever noticed how most software and services offer you multiple plans? That’s for a reason.

One of those is usually the preferred option, and the other prices help that one look good. A piece of software for $99 may seem expensive at first, but when there’s a Premium plan next to it for $179, suddenly that $99 seems a lot more affordable. 

In addition to that, you can also add a cheaper plan for $49 that lacks some of your most valuable features. That will gravitate users to your main plan even more. Heck, maybe some people will end up going for the cheaper plan, and then you can try to upsell them!

Of course, you do have to be able to actually deliver all these plans. Even if they are meant to highlight the best deal, the other plans should still be valid options available for purchase. But you’ll be surprised to see what some options can do to a buyer.