Focus on benefits, not features

June 9, 2020

You've probably seen this image around on the internet. But, I want to make sure you remember it again. This tactic is one of the most important optimizations you can do for your landing page. Why?

People don't care what your features are. Think about the last time you bought a product for your business. I'm 99% sure you bought it to solve a problem. Not because of its amazing features.

Most business owners make a big mistake here. They show off all their amazing features on their landing page. That's all good and great, you're probably really excited about these. But, as a customer, I don't care. I want to know how your product makes my life better.

Look at the image above. What these businesses do is explaining their fire-giving flower. "Our product enables you to shoot fire!" OK nice, but what can I do with these fire shooting abilities? How is it making my life any better?

A good company focusses its copy and design on the last image. The image where Mario has fire shooting abilities. They'll word their product as: "Destroy Goombas 10 times quicker" or "Reduce the chance of going game over by eliminating enemies from a distance".

Notice the difference? "Shooting fire" focusses on what the product is. "Reduce the chance of going game over" focusses on solving a painful problem. I wouldn't care less if this flower gave me the ability to shoot stars, water, or puppies. As long as I can reach the finish without failing.

Next time, don't write down what your product can do. Write down what superpowers your product can give to your customers.