Introducing: The Complete New Landingfolio!

September 24, 2023

Today is a super exciting day. For the last 6 months, I've been super busy completely redeveloping Landingfolio. Not knowing anything about programming, this took a lot longer than planned. But, oh boy was it an interesting period.

The old Landingfolio was based on a completely altered Wordpress template. Basically everything was spaghetti programmed together. Every time I'd try to add a new feature, the website would break. So I was at twilight. What is the future of Landingfolio? 

Over the last 12 months, the site has gotten over 800.000 pageviews. Completely insane, thinking this just started as a small side project in 2015. These numbers, together with so many kinds of words from everyone about the project, I decided to go double down.

Going full in

In September 2019 I decided it was time to take Landingfolio to the next level. No more breaking Wordpress. No longer just inspiration, but something bigger. For four days a week, including the weekends and evenings, I started learning how to program. 

I decided to create Landingfolio using Nuxt. A framework for Vue.js. Honestly, I expected a way bigger learning curve, but Vue is an amazing library to learn when you don't have that much background with programming.

Six months and over 500 hours later, the website you're looking at is the current finished version of Landingfolio. I've had to push a LOT of features to the "later" section. A lot of indie hackers have a fear of launching their products. I was not planning on letting this happen, so I decided what the minimal viable product would be for Landingfolio.

So, what's new?

The old Landingfolio was mostly a typical design gallery. My favorite designs were listed, but that was about it. For the New Landingfolio I had a vision to create a platform. A platform with only curated designs. No fancy pancy examples like Dribbble, but real live examples.

Of course a platform comes with many, many features. I will list all the new features below, starting with the logical one.


All old landing pages are of course still there. But, I've added eight new inspiration category,

Pricing, Login, Signup, About, Logos, 404 and Logos. This way you can find any inspiration you need for your next design project.

Landingfolio currently features over 4000 designs. Finding the right one can be hard, that's why I've added some cool new features!

Filter based colors

See the little colors on the bottom of each inspiration? These are clickable and will show you only the landing pages that have almost the same color as the one you clicked. You can also use the color filter located in the menu below the header.

Show mobile and desktop design

Responsive designs are a must these days. Therefore all designs on Landingfolio now list both desktop and mobile designs. Simply click the mobile or desktop toggle in the filter menu to switch between designs


Are you still using Google Docs to collect the URLs of designs you like? Well, you can stop from now on. Introducing collection, you can easily create and collect your favorite inspirations in the right collection.

You can create an unlimited amount of collections. And the best thing..

Share your collections with clients and friends.

Most designs know that sharing examples with your clients is hard. I've been adding links to Google Docs and sharing them. But this doesn't look professional.

See the share link in the top right corner. That right, you can now share your collection. This link will show a personalized collection page with all the designs. Simple send the link to your clients and let them choose which they like for their new redesign.

Sharing collections is part of the new Landingfolio Pro plan. This plan will enable me to create more amazing features and focus full time on Landingfolio. 


Are had the moment you need to design a footer for your website, but have no inspiration how to do this. Normally, you had to open every new site, scroll to the bottom and look at their, sometimes mediocre, footer.

Long are these days with Components. The new addition to Landingfolio! I've collected over 1500+ components from different websites. You can easily find the components you need, using the menu at the top. Currently, there are over 20 different categories, with way more to come. The best part? You can filter them based on colors.

Of course, all component examples are able to be saved to your custom collections.

Templates and Resources 

The template and resource section of the website also has gotten some love. Every item now shows which technology and tool they are built for. This way you can filter your tech-stack super quickly to find the right resource or template for your needs.

What's next

For the release of the New Landingfolio I've had to put a lot of features for the future. There is an enormous list of functions I'd like to add. My favorites are listed below and will be on the site very, very soon.

  1. Conversion Optimized Landing Page Templates. These will be built and designed by Landingfolio and are guaranteed to give you sales!

  2. Landing Page Teardowns. Learn from the best examples about what to do and not to do

  3. Designer Profile. List your portfolio and find new clients on Landingfolio.

  4. Drag and Drop Inspiration Builder. Create your own example landing page using the best components of different websites. Use this as your base for your custom design.

Do you think you've got an amazing feature for Landingfolio? Send it in the feedback widget in the right bottom and maybe you'll be able to use it very soon!

Enjoy the all-new Landingfolio

I hope you'll enjoy the new rebuild as much as me. Keep in mind, I've been running the website for free for the last 5 years. If you want to help me build this out to an amazing platform and also use all dope new features, consider to subscriber to Landingfolio Pro.