9 Ways to Use Testimonials on your Landing Page

July 21, 2024

What would a landing page be without testimonials?  Visitors won't trust your product if no one recommends it. 

Your need customer testimonials on your landing page to win their trust. There are many methods to feature testimonials, or customer reviews, on your landing page. In this short blog post, I'll discuss 9 ways of including testimonials on your site.

1. Twitter cards

Lots of people use Twitter to show their love for products they enjoy using. Including these tweets on your site is an easy way to show happy customers and increases trust. Twitter cards are impossible to fake since they can are easy to check.

2. Companies using your product

Featuring companies that are using your product makes perfect use of authority. Especially if a well-known company is your product. If Kickstarter and Unsplash trust you, your product must be good, right?

3. Authority figures

Happy customers are one thing, but what if a well-known figure in your industry loves your product. Use it! Mi Guitar in the example above uses a testimonial of the Lead Guitarist of Muse on their landing page. I bet implementing this increased their conversion rate significantly.



Getting a quote from a well-known person or company is way easier than getting a testimonial. Use this to your advantage. Did Gary Vaynerchuck tell you that he loves your product on Twitter? Use that on your landing page!

5. Case studies

Get your testimonials to the next level with a case study. A case study shows exactly how one of your customers is using your product. Most case studies begin by defining a problem and then show how the product solves this. Your visitors can relate to the problem in the case study and see that solution that would work for them too. Storytelling is key!

6. Achievements and statistics

Showing your achievement on your landing page is also an effective way of social influence. Has your product been sold 1000 times or is it voted as the number one Productivity app? Tell customers on your landing page.

You can do this for your own product, or with the achievements of your customers. Stencil proudly shows how Buffer increased their retweets with 150% by using their product.

7. Your product in the wild

Show your visitors how your customers are using your product. Semplice is a great example of this. Every week they upload the best websites and portfolios built with their template. This is an effective method to show visitors the great potential of your product. Another benefit is that it puts your customers in the spotlight to be seen by thousands of people.

8. Testimonial videos 

Few people will believe testimonials when they contain only a picture and a name. They are easily faked, whereas video testimonials are not. Use this to your advantage and ask one of your customers to record a testimonial for you.

9. The plain old customer reviews

Last but not least, the plain old customer review. Customer testimonials of happy clients are one of the easiest testimonials to include. Your product doesn't need to have a lot of customers, heck you could use your father as a testimonial. I bet he loves your product and would love to help!