Get Your Landing Page Review for $599

Are People Leaving Your Landing Page Instantly?

Watching people leave your landing page is really frustrating. Especially when you put a lot of effort into your site. Do you want want to improve the number of sales or leads? Think your landing page could perform better, but don’t know how?

A Low Conversion Rate Is a Sign Your Page Is Sick

How many people are buying from you when they view your landing page? If your conversion rate is something like 1%, 3% or 10% you are not getting the best results from your landing page. It means most of your visitors are leaving your site, without taking action. But it also shows that there's plenty of room for improvement. The highest converting landing page we’ve created is converting at 91%(!!).

We'll Tear Apart Your Landing Page - and Show You Exactly What You Should Do to Improve It

If you want to know how your landing page can perform better, this service is for you. We will tear apart your landing page and tell you what to change so more people will buy or subscribe. With many years of landing page optimization under our belt we're certain we can help you.

A Landing Page Expert Review Is for You, When..

  • You're not happy with the low conversion rates of your landing page;
  • You’re just about to launch a new landing page, and want to make sure it rocks;
  • You’re not happy with the copywriting and / or design you have right now;
  • You want someone with tons of landing page experience to provide a second opinion;

Or when you just don’t know what to do to boost your conversion rates.

What You'll Get

You’ll get at least 50+ quick wins that will improve your landing page. You could apply this advice and make your site a thousand times better than it currently is. The final output is a PDF document that points out the flaws and makes suggestions for improvements.

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What Others Say About Our Landing Page Review

 This review was incredibly useful, because it provides issues and actions that as a business owner you can easily understand and act on. The report is to the point which is great, it's very thorough on all aspects of the landing page, and gives you clear steps to take to improve conversion. Since taking on the feedback my site is much clearer and the conversion has improved, and I’m now in my second phase of activity to take on the final recommendations.”

Sander - Emaildrips    

 Wow, you guys really showed me there are so many potential things to improve on my landing page. Seems to me that we can easily double our sales if we optimize, test and optimize all these points.”

Niels - MakkelijkAfvallen    

The Things We'll Look At on Your Landing Page

  • Value proposition
  • Clarity
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Social Proof
  • Relevancy
  • Conversion Killers
  • Technical issues
  • Psychology
  • UX/UI
  • Distractions
  • Friction points

So, How Does It Work?

  • 1. You answer a few questions about your page, audience and your goals.
  • 2. You share your analytics data + heatmap data + other data you have available.
  • 3. We will perform a full review of your landing page and write up all our findings.
  • 4. You will receive our expert review report via email within 14 days.
  • 5. You make the changes to your page and see more conversions come in.
  • 6. Optional: we redesign your landing page based on the findings (quoted separately).

Who'll Review My Landing Page?

Your landing page will be reviewed in detail and with lots of love by two seasoned experts: Danny and Gijs. Over the course of the last years we analysed 1000+ landing pages on Landingfolio. We’re conversion rate optimization specialists with a love for effective design. Clients worldwide are working with us to improve their websites. We’ve been featured on ConversionXL, Moz and Producthunt.

Danny Postma
Founder Landingfolio

Gijs Wierda

Some of the clients we've worked for:

Why This the Best Investment You Can Make

Answer this: how much additional money would you earn if you can double your current number of sales and leads? And imagine that these extra sales came from the same visitors you currently have? How nice would that be? Pretty awesome, right? Let me tell you a secret: that’s possible. All your advertising dollar will be spend much better, because your landing page generates more sales. With a one-off investment of $599 for a landing page review you know exactly how you can improve your site.