Have you ever had that moment where you stare at your screen. Just trying to think of a good headline for your mail, website or product. But nothing happens.
Wouldn’t it be great just to skip that?

This problem is the sole reason we decided to write this book. Headlines That Work is a blueprint that makes creating titles for your product easy. You grab one of the 200 headlines, fill in the blanks and tada: your headline is ready.

This book initially was a Google Spreadsheet we (Gijs and Danny) created for our own project. We were sick and tired of those days we kept looking at a blank screen, not able to come up with any titles.

We decided to sit down for one day and research high converting headlines. After hours of brainstorming, researching and grinding our brains got 200 headlines.

We tested the new headlines on our clients their website and got epic results. Some headlines even doubled the conversion!

Word spread and a few co-workers asked us we could share the document with them. These co-workers also got lots of positive outcomes of their new headlines. They are hyped!

So, why keep the headlines to ourself if everyone could benefit from this? We decided to publish the headlines.