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Have you ever had that moment where you stare at your screen. Just trying to think of a good headline for your mail, website or product. But nothing happens. Wouldn’t it be great just to skip that?

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  • Landing page
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Try to be as specific as possible. Remember, this has to fit in one headline.

Designers, Dogs, Digital Nomads, Small Business, Milionairs

What problem does your audience have?

Try to be as specific as possible. Remember, this has to fit in one headline.

Examples: Landing Pages That Don’t Convert, Sweaty & Soaking Wet Armpits, Ineffective Adwords Campaigns

How do you solve your audiences problem?

Try to be as specific as possible. Remember, this has to fit in one headline.

Examples: Healthy Food, a Faster Website, A/B Testing Strategies, Landing Page Inspiration, Your product name

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WARNING: Our cats are not the well trained in creating well written sentences. Make adjustments to your input by simply pressing the title.

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    {Period} {Number} {Authority} Used {Product} to {Desirable Outcome}
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    {Period} {Number} {Authority} Used {Product} to {Desirable Outcome}
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    {Period} {Number} {Authority} Used {Product} to {Desirable Outcome}
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    {Period} {Number} {Authority} Used {Product} to {Desirable Outcome}
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    {Period} {Number} {Authority} Used {Product} to {Desirable Outcome}
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    {Period} {Number} {Authority} Used {Product} to {Desirable Outcome}
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    {Period} {Number} {Authority} Used {Product} to {Desirable Outcome}
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    {Period} {Number} {Authority} Used {Product} to {Desirable Outcome}

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